As a company we operate at the intersection of architecture, dance, and social justice, ensuring our performances evoke conversations. To encourage these dialogues, we host pre- and post-performance “Curbside Conversations” among company artists, community leaders, scholars, collaborators, and the general public. These intimate conversations illuminate dance’s potential to foster civic participation, and provide insight into how the performing arts can stimulate community building and involvement.


Because we perform outside of proscenium stage settings, Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre finds frequent opportunities to engage the community. We open our rehearsals to the public, which provides opportunities for community members to experience the choreographic process. After the rehearsal, we provided visitors with the opportunity to meet the artists and ask questions about the work.


The Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre community consists of dancers, designers, actors, administrators, Board Members, and artists, all of whom are champions of interdisciplinary, community-driven art. We approach each speaking engagement with the intention of fostering conversation—mirroring Artistic Director Heidi Duckler’s collaborative, participatory creative process and inherent audience engagement.

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