Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre honors Leonard Bernstein with new work on Tall Ships

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre honors Leonard Bernstein with new work on Tall Ships
Company to collaborate with LA Opera for first time

On June 24, 2017, Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre (HDDT) will preview a new work, Beyond the Waterfront, with a one-night-only public performance. The performance marks the first time immersive art has come to the Los Angeles Maritime Institute’s twin Tall Ships in San Pedro and a new collaboration among HDDT, LA Opera, Los Angeles Maritime Institute, and marine research incubator, AltaSea. A dance opera story of sirens and sailors on the ships and the wharf, Beyond the Waterfront pays homage to the late Leonard Bernstein with a multi-sensory work that tackles themes of collaboration, sustainability, and the influence of humanity on environment.

The history and aesthetic of the Tall Ships juxtaposed with the contemporary volume of traffic in the port will provide critical context for performers to connect past and present in the performance. While the story will differ from On The Waterfront7mdash;it won’t include any crooked union bosses—the production will inhabit the spirit of Bernstein’s work and the circumstances in which the film was shot: on the docks, Longshoremen working in the background, and all the natural sounds of the port—birds, horns, water and wind.

Duckler is thrilled to work with composer Juhi Bansal, and three singers from the LA Opera (who will play the sirens), alongside six of Duckler’s own dance company members to create the piece. The audience will sit on the wharf of City Dock No. 1, the oldest pier at the Port of LA, immersed in the sights and sounds of the port, while watching the dancers perform on the anchored ships in the water. Duckler and her dancers will choreograph the piece in advance, though wind and sea conditions will contribute to an unpredictable and adventurous performance!

The project is supported, in part by LA Opera, AltaSea at the Port of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Maritime Institute, San Pedro Historic District, and the Council Member Buscaino’s Office.

Media Information:
RGB photo here. CMYK photos available upon request. (Photo Credit: Sean Deckert) Rehearsals are open, email media@heididuckler.org for more information.

Performance Information:

Beyond the Waterfront June 24, 2017, Performance starts at 8pm
Port of Los Angeles, 2456 S Signal St, Berth 58, San Pedro

Tickets available at: heididuckler.org/beyond-the-waterfront

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